Hey, I'm Aaron. I'm a nerdy guy from the UK who likes anything and everything tech related.

A little about me, I started learning to build and repair computers at the age of 15, it all started for me when I purchased my first computer and after a few months of owning it I started to encounter issues, so I had to make a decision do I go back and forth from the place I bought the computer in order to get it fixed or learn to build my own system. So naturally, I decided to get my hands dirty and absorb all the information I could on the subject, to this day I have never bought a computer system again instead I always build my system from the ground up.

I soon realized how much I really enjoyed doing what I do, so I took it up a level and started expanding out to fixing laptops, phones, tablets, game consoles and anything else people asked to be repaired and so Asm Computing was born.

The reason I choose ASM is not that the abbreviation stands for Abstract State Machines, instead, I used ASM as it’s my initials and wanted to put my name to it somehow.

Learning website development came about from the idea of being able to showcase work and projects I had currently undertaken, I studied and watched a lot of tutorials on PHP in order for me to understand the concept of coding. I wanted to make a place for people to be able to learn and share because if you put your mind to it anything is possible.

As time went on I expanded my coding to incorporate other coding languages such as jQuery, Javascript, Ajax, MySQL etc. So not only do I build websites from the ground up I am also familiar with open source platforms such as WordPress, forums etc. I wanted to learn the wordpress platform as there are so many people that use it and that would require custom designs or just custom functionallity, wordpress is an open source CMS ( Content Management System ) and allows for users to input there content and have it displayed on the page just by using the Admin interface on the backend, so with this in mind it became apparent to me that users would require some custom design or functions to use on there existing sites, if you know about wordpress then you know you can use plugins which then makes the whole process easier I can do the code work and wrap it up to be a plugin that the user can just install and use there admin backend to control.


¦ The Present Day

Other than working on this site, projects and starting to make tutorials again, I enjoy the downtime with family, watching movies and other random activities.